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Purchasing your first home

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Purchasing your first home is a huge commitment and a time consuming process. It is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make in your life. 4 Steps to owning your first home.

1. Are you financially ready?

Buying a home is more expensive than renting a home. Be ready to pay for underlying bills like; legal fee, renovations, insurance and taxes etc. For first home buyer you may check out First Home Buyers Grant offered by the State Government for more info.

2. Home selections

Once you are ready to purchase, select your home that meet your wants and needs. Looking at websites, newspapers or visiting a real estate agency will be able to assist you in choosing your desired home. You may want to consider the community, neighborhood safety, available recreation areas, nearest schools, transportation accessibility etc…

3. Make an offer

So once you have made the decision on the chosen home, you make an offer. Your real estate agent will assist you in liaising with the seller. You then go through the negotiations. Always have at least 3 chosen homes, so you always have options if the first one is not successful.

4. Home inspections

Hire a professional building inspector to inspect overall property quality, safety issues and defects which are not disclosed by the seller. In which, you can in-turn negotiate or ask for repairs.

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